Stories grown from sources that matter

WhatsGood Marketing is a turn-key solution that helps businesses feed the growing consumer desire to know where their food comes from.

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Ditch the chalkboard, go digital

Supply chain transparency is the new best marketing

Harness the power of local food to help build your brand and connect your community.

Feed your community’s desire to know where their food comes from with a digital storytelling platform that connects consumers with the people producing their food.

Streamline thoughtful messaging that highlights your mindful sourcing across all channels while saving your marketing team time and energy.

Generate powerful customized data and analytics to guide procurement and menu planning.

Your brand, your marketing

As an extension of your marketing team, we collect and create compelling marketing content for each local purveyor. All you have to do is choose how to share your stories.


Capture your farm stories to create an in-store farmers market experience for shoppers.

Restaurants and fast casual

Emphasize the freshness and seasonality of your menu items by tracing each local ingredient back to the farm in a visually compelling and authentic way.


Increase cafeteria sales, attract health-conscious patients and retain talented staff by showcasing the fresh, local and nutritious food you offer.


Capture the attention of students and families looking for the highest quality dining experience by showcasing your local sourcing initiatives on campus.


Amplify your procurement efforts by creatively and cost effectively ensuring every student in your district can tell their families how and where their lunch was grown.


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