WhatsGood Marketing Toolkit

Farmers Market Vendor

Marketing Toolkit

You'll learn ways to:

  • Improve your WhatsGood business profile
  • Strengthen your product listings
  • Promote yourself on Social Media
  • Take advantage of all the FREE coupons you're able to share with your customer base
  • Incorporate WhatsGood into your web and email campaigns
  • Apply to do an Instagram takeover or be featured on the WhatsGood Blog
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First-Time Customer Coupons

Sponsored by WhatsGood

Delivery Hub Vendors

Vendors participating in our delivery programs in Rhode Island, Greater Boston, and Chicagoland have access to the following: WhatsGood Sponsored Coupon(s) $25 off their first three WhatsGood orders!

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Partner Market Vendors

Vendors NOT participating in our delivery program, but with a local market organization have access to following: WhatsGood Sponsored Coupon(s) $10 off their first three WhatsGood orders!

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Asset Library

Social Media Images

Use the following templates to post about WhatsGood. Facebook and instagram both use different image size formats, both downloads are available below.

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Social Media Badges

Use our "badges" to add to your own images. Canva is a great (free and simple) tool to create social media content using these pre-made WhatsGood badges.

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WhatsGood Logos

Use any of the following WhatsGood logos for your marketing materials. Find our square, horizontal, fork, and website logos as PDF, JPEG, PNG files.

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'Shop Now' Button

Let your customers know you’re on WhatsGood by adding a call to action to your own website. Use the sample text below and download the “Shop Now” button to add to your website.

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QR Code

The WhatsGood QR code can be added to print and web marketing materials so customers can easily access the information to download and sign up for WhatsGood.

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Story Slides

Posting an Instagram story is an easy way to remind customers of an upcoming pre-order deadline. Use our pre-made templates to post and save to your instagram highlights!

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Market Banner

Markets and vendors that offer curbside or aggregated pickup are encouraged to use a banner to signal to customers where they are to pickup their order. This ready to print design is perfect for a 2.5 x 6 banner.

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Curbside Pickup Sign

Do you offer curbside pickup? Let your customers know by adding curbside pickup signs to your market, or market stand parking lot. Our pre-designed template is ready to printed to match a 12x18 frame/stand.

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Referral Coupon

Share this WhatsGood sponsored coupon with existing customers, for them to share with friends and family! The coupon code FRIENDS, will offer any new customers 50% off their first WhatsGood order.

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Table Top Flyers

RI, MA, IL Vendors: Let your customer know you offer delivery! Print this 8.5 x11 flyer and proudly display it your business and/or the markets you attend! A coupon is offered to all first time customers.

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Market Promo Cards

These business card sized designs are the perfect promotion for on the go! Keep them in your car or wallet for easy access the next time you strike up a conversation about WhatsGood.

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Delivery Maps

For vendors that participate in WhatsGood RI, IL, and MA delivery programs. Our delivery area is always expanding! Access our up-to-date maps here. Perfect to share on your website and social media!

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Custom Marketing Assets

Markets and vendors who have been in contact with WhatsGood's Marketing & Design team can access any custom materials here.

View your custom designs!

Be featured on WhatsGood

Email & Print

Be featured in WhatsGood promotional emails and print marketing by providing us more details information about your background and business.

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Instagram Takeover

Takeover the WhatsGood instagram account to share more about your business to WhatsGood's instagram followers!

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Write a Blog Post

Are you a great writer? Do you enjoy creating newsletters or blog content for your own website? Share your ideas, research, recipes and more!

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