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workplaces in VA/DC!

Local produce, meats and more, conveniently delivered to your door in Charlottesville or pickup your order from one of our many convenient Pickup Points in Richmond, Charlottesville, Staunton and Swoope.

Partnering with local growers

Partnering with local growers like Polyface Farms, we are connecting local farmers in regions across the US with people frustrated by industrial food’s clever marketing and meaningless labels.

"People who have wrestled with the difficulty of participating in higher quality food sourced locally will find this new platform gratifying and affirming."

- Joel Salatin

How it works:

Download the app.

Select a local delivery option if available in your area or one of our Pickup Points.

Shop meats, seafood, produce and other artisanal goods from Virginia area producers!

Let’s create a healthier food system, together.

WhatsGood keeps no inventory. Your order comes directly from the farmer or producer, ensuring it's as fresh as possible meaning with each order you place, you are supporting the health of your local food system.

Our order deadline is Tuesday at 11PM. From there, local producers receive the orders. Each Wednesday, your food is harvested or gathered from the local vendors and brought to Polyface Farms, where orders are then organized and go out to deliveries on Thursday!

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